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Roddan is an American Singer-Songwriter from Seattle, WA who writes lyrics and melodies with that connect us to our shared human experience's.  His writing style shows multi-genre, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Blues, Rock, and Alt-Country influences.


Music House ranges from solo singer-songwriter style (Reconciliation, Empty Miles, Far Away, Whiskey, Pills, and Pain, Rain Keeps Coming Down), to upbeat full band (I Can’t See, Bitter Pill), a duet with female vocalist Patricia Vonne (Let Love Be Found), to Southern Rock and Blues (Cross To Bear, Crossroad Dues), and finally, a driving acoustic, ethereal composition (Same Conversation), recorded in Austin, TX, with SXSW award-winning producer, Rick Del Castillo, and final mastering at Yes Master Studios in Nashville.

Musicians include: Leeann Atherton - backing vocals, Phil Bass - drums/hand percussion, Mark del Castillo - acoustic guitar, Rick del Castillo - lead guitar/dobro/mandolin, Jimmy Hartman - bass guitar. Michael Ramos - piano/B3 organ/accordion, Tony Rogers - cello, Cecilio Ruiz -  backing vocals, Will Taylor - fiddle, Haydn Vitera -  electric violin, Patricia Vonne - lead and backing vocals.


His follow-up EP, "Bleed 432" released in 2017, consists of six more original songs, recorded at 432hz, and recorded in Austin, TX at Smilin Castle Studios, and mixed by Mark Hallman, Congress House Studio, Austin, TX.

1) Never Meant To Be, 2) Exit 38  3) Bleed (a duet with Gina Chavez)  4) Patty Jean (tribute to prolific singer songwriter Patty Griffin) 5) Love Horses (an Americana lullabye) 6) Rock My Reggae Bone (a Reggae-Rock hybrid)


Musicians include: Phoebe Hunt - fiddle/vocals, Gina Chavez - vocals, Michael Ramos -Keys, Phil Bass - percussion/vocals, Rick del Castillo - guitar/bass/keys/vocals, ,

Roddan's latest release, "Don't Be Troubled" departs from his prior albums. Outside the box, non-mainstream formulas, with thought based lyrics and melodies. Organic instrumentation including guitar, piano, violin, cello, and beautiful vocala and harmonies harmonies from Grammy nominated, Eliza Gilkyson.

Recorded and produced by Rick del Castillo at Smilin Castle Studios, Austin, TX. The legendary Mark Hallman, (The Congress House Studios) mastered the tracks. Special thanks to Eliza Gilkyson for her masterful vocals, Michael Ramos for his beautiful piano riffs, Tony Rogers for his timeless cello, Jeff Plankenhorn for his haunting pedal steel, and finally, Carrie Rodriguez for her melodic and soulful violin. All of these musicians were asked to interpret what they personally "felt" on the songs, and weren't directed or guided by Roddan's or the producer's vision, resulting in a compilation of compositions, that accent all of the above mentioned artist's individual styles.

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